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As the leading manufacturer of Magnesium, Shamora is offering the best quality materials for their clients

Our business

1. Magnesium Ingot: Established in 2003 to produce and sell Mg ingot only, right now we have 2 metal magnesium refinery plants with annual capacity of 30,000 tons.

2. Magnesium Alloy: Total 6 production lines and 4 lines produce 36,000tons magnesium alloy per year, 2 lines standby.

3. Magnesium Granules (Powder): We have 2 granules production units with annual capacity of 20,000 tons.

4. ARRI: Aluminum Refining Research Institute located in Shanxi province has 9 researchers focus on reduce cost, improve quality of alloy, remove hydrogen and free smoke on aluminum refining process.

5. Aluminum and Magnesium refining flux: All products studied and produced by ARRI with total 6,000 tons capacity.

6.Offices: One office in Guangdong for stocking and marketing. One magnesium recycle factory in Nanjing.
One company for International export(Shamora brand).
One flux producing factory for Mg/Al flux.

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High Quality Magnesium Manufacturer and Supplier

Shamora Material Industry Technology Co., Limited is a leading magnesium manufacturer in Wenxi, China. With a focused approach, complete resources, and quality assistance; we are leading our way in the chemical industry.

As a magnesium 99.9 supplier, we have acquired top professionals and support staff to keep us on the toes and produce high-quality magnesium. We have the desire and will to offer top-quality magnesium 99.9 in the most profound way.

What Sets Us AS Magnesium 99.9 Supplier

We Help Businesses

As a large-scale magnesium manufacturer, we help online shops, retailers, and factories grow through our products. We already have hundreds of industrial customers who are selling loads of magnesium and everyone wants to become a small-scale Chinese magnesium 99.9 supplier.


We Make Businesses Standout

As a potential magnesium manufacturer, we enthusiastically make efforts to make businesses stand out. We have customers in diversified sectors and hence we make sure to provide top-notch magnesium to support their corporate cause. Through us, many businesses have become leading names in their respective industry.

We Target B2B Buyers

As a B2B magnesium manufacturer and magnesium 99.9 supplier, we target corporate buyers who purchase in bulk. We produce magnesium in tons and help buyers sell in tons as well. Thus, we have made our name as an industrial magnesium 99.9 supplier.

Research and Development

We always have room for improvement as a progressive magnesium and magnesium 99.9 supplier. To remain on track, we have our research and development mechanism through which we ensure we keep improving.

The mechanism also helps us to look apart from any other magnesium manufacturer.

As a quality-driven magnesium manufacturer, we ensure to keep equipping our infrastructure. Thus, we emphasize improving our equipment and facilities to make sure we keep ourselves ahead.

Why choose us ?

Shamora is serving all over the world

After more than ten years of development, we have 6 branches covers an area of 160,000 square meters, 1,500 employees , total assets of RMB 2 billion , an annual output production capacity of 30,000 tons of primary magnesium ingot, 36,000 tons of magnesium alloys, 10,000 tons of aluminum and magnesium refining flux as well.

Our service team has over 15 years’ experience in this industry.

We have two mines for our two pure magnesium ingot factories in Shanxi province. We can control all of the detail in production processing to make sure the quality of ingot is more suit for alloy.

Besides we have got ISO9001, TS16949 and OHSAS18001, we alsouse IQCS(Internal Quality Control Standard) to make quality of alloy more stable than normal products.

All of alloy is made by pure magnesium ingot not like others use scrap. For now we haven’t have any quality problem with our clients, once happen, we will send our marketing manager and technical officer arrive your factory to solve it.

We have 6 alloy production lines and 4 lines produce as usual with capacity 50,000tons per year and 2 lines standby with capacity 20,000tons per To make sure all of products delivery on time. You will be noticed all the detail about the transport from our factory to your factory.

We have our own magnesium die casting factory in Guangdong Province, China. Thus we understand your requirement more.





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