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In August 2003, Wenxi County Zhenxin Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd was founded. Its distributor is Shamora Material Industry Technology Co., Ltd. With a total area of 160,000 square meters throughout our 6 branches, we employ 1,500 people. 

We produce 36,000 tonnes of magnesium alloys, 10,000 tonnes of aluminum, 30,000 tonnes of primary magnesium ingot, and 10,000 tonnes of magnesium refining flux per year. The Shamora service team has more than 15 years of industry experience. We are a specialized AZ91D supplier in China. 

Why Select Us as Your AZ91D Supplier?

As we employ skilled personnel, you will often have positive experiences with us. We are a trustworthy AZ91D supplier in China since all of our products are IATF, ROHS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and REACH certified. In addition, we have TS16949 and OHSAS1800. Because Shamora Material Industry Technology Co., Ltd. uses the IQCS (Internal Quality Control Standard)

 The alloy’s quality is more consistent when compared to other standard items. We are able to comprehend and completely meet your needs since we operate the magnesium die casting plant properly. This is what sets us apart from other magnesium alloys suppliers.

Qualities of Our Magnesium Alloys

Strict Quality Inspection 

As your AZ91D supplier, we have a quality inspection center where our staff follows strict quality standards to provide you with the best. 

Many Product Applications

Our magnesium alloys are applied both structurally and non-structurally. Being among the reputable magnesium alloys suppliers in China, customers use our magnesium alloys for parts that work at high speed. This is because our alloy is lightweight. 

Lightweight Magnesium

The weight of our magnesium alloy is what makes it perfect for the military and civil transportation industry. All the specifications of our magnesium alloys are what distinguishes us from other magnesium alloys suppliers in China. 

Customers also know us as a credible magnesium powder supplier in China. 

Magnesium Alloy​ Usage

Magnesium alloys are mixtures of magnesium (the lightest structural metal) with other metals (called an alloy), often aluminium, zinc, manganese, silicon, copper, rare earths and zirconium. Magnesium alloys have a hexagonal lattice structure, which affects the fundamental properties of these alloys. Plastic deformation of the hexagonal lattice is more complicated than in cubic latticed metals like aluminium, copper and steel; therefore, magnesium alloys are typically used as cast alloys, but research of wrought alloys has been more extensive since 2003. Cast magnesium alloys are used for many components of modern automobiles and have been used in some high-performance vehicles; die-cast magnesium is also used for camera bodies and components in lenses.

Information & Specifications

We offer different types of Magnesium Alloys which can be viewed in the list below.ISO/TS16949 : 2002 certified supplier for automotive industry.


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