Magnesium Alloy Chips

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Shamora Material Industry Technology Co., Ltd, is a top leading magnesium chip supplier and magnesium alloys suppliers in China. Shamora has vast knowledge and experience in selling high-value magnesium chips and other related products.

Magnesium and its applications

Our portfolio of growing customers and B2B clients reflects the range of industrial applications of magnesium products. Our chemical industry uses magnesium chips for the production of pharmaceuticals and plant-protecting agents. As a diverse magnesium alloy chip supplier, we make sure to serve every industry possible.

Other uses for welding and brazing processes can be found in pyrotechnics, and in general. Ultra-fine magnesium alloys are used in a variety of lightweight components and alloys, as well as in refractory. Hundreds of new products are introduced to the market every day and we help them as a leading magnesium chip supplier. 

High Level Magnesium Processing

Our primarily mechanical grinding and sieving methods and machines are up to date with today’s technology. Naturally, we can also provide custom processing based on your specific needs or mutually agreed values. Due to our high-level processing, we are seen as a reliable magnesium chip supplier.

We are Magnesium Experts

If you’re looking for new reagents and products to use in your specific operating procedures, then we are here Shamora will gladly share our knowledge and long-term experience with magnesium as a specialist magnesium alloy chip supplier. As a seasoned magnesium chip supplier, we have a large network of knowledgeable partners in the industry and we continuously develop ourselves.

Why Buyers Keep Coming at Us

Moderate Pricing

Yes, we are a leading name as a magnesium alloy chip supplier; however, we never exploit this trait. We always keep our prices moderate to make sure every business gets benefitted.

So, if you are searching for a price-friendly magnesium chip supplier, Shamora is the company for you.

Magnesium Alloy Chips Usage

Magnesium alloy chips are used in new die casting technology to make die casting production more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Magnesium Alloy Chips

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