Magnesium Desulfurizer

Magnesium Desulfurizer

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Shamora Material Industry Technology Co., Limited (Shamora) is a leading magnesium desulfurizer supplier and magnesium alloys suppliers in China. We have the resources and will to supply top magnesium desulfurizer across and outside China.

Where Can Our magnesium desulfurizer Be Used


The textile industry uses a lot of water. Because the wastewaters are colored, an effective color absorption technology is required to treat them.

The textile industry was the first to use dyes for fiber coloration. The removal of dyes from wastewaters can be accomplished using a variety of methods. So, if you are in this industry, then Shamora can be your best magnesium desulfurizer supplier and partner.

Leather Tanning

The carefully monitored chemical and physical properties of magnesium oxide are critical in the production of high-quality leather. Magnesium oxide also enables maximum chrome utilization, resulting in minimal losses and the recovery of chrome from effluent steam.

Magnesium oxide in leather grade has a specific particle size to meet the needs of the leather tanning industry. It’s already in use in several tanneries around the world, and it’s improved the leather’s quality. So, get us as a leather tanning magnesium desulfurizer supplier in Shamora and get along.

Bleaching and Pulping

Magnesium sulfate is used in the sulfite process, which involves cooking wood chips in sulfuric acid to produce a high-quality pulp.

Because of our experience with the Magnesite sulfite process, we can choose the best grades of Magnesium oxide for this pulping application. Our product’s controlled chemical and physical properties ensure a repeatable process that results in high-performing products.

So, if you operate in the pulping and bleaching industry, Shamora, as a bleaching magnesium desulfurizer supplier can help you a lot.

As a result-oriented magnesium desulfurizer supplier, we can assure and help you in reaching your business targets. Let’s connect!

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